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79 reefs surveyed   208 transects
121,271 panoramas

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116 reefs surveyed   213 transects
137,890 panoramas

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Southeast Asia

38 reefs surveyed   104 transects
75,388 panoramas

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Indian Ocean

52 reefs surveyed   68 transects
50,532 panoramas

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Middle East

0 reefs surveyed  

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15 reefs surveyed   82 transects
17,638 panoramas

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305 Reefs 531 Transects 427,584 Panoramas PROCESSED
181 Transects 55,051 Panoramas PROCESSING
1,850 km surveyed

Reefs Surveyed

Acropolis Reef1 transects
Admiralty Anchor, Osprey Reef2 transects
Agincourt Reef 2a5 transects
Agincourt Reef 2b3 transects
Agincourt Reef 34 transects
Channel Reef Northwestern Wall, Flinders Reef1 transects
Chicken Reef2 transects
Clam Gardens2 transects
Cod Hole3 transects
Cod Reef, Flinders Reef1 transects
Davies Reef2 transects
Day Reef5 transects
East Ribbon Reef, Flinders Reef1 transects
Exposed Edge Middle Running North, Opal Reef1 transects
Flinders Reef5 transects
Great Detached Reef4 transects
Heron Island Reef3 transects
Inner South, Opal Reef1 transects
Knife Reef3 transects
Main Cay Reef, Flinders Reef1 transects
Mantis Reef3 transects
Most Eastern Point, Great Detached Reef1 transects
Most North Western Edge, Great Detached Reef1 transects
Myrmidon Reef4 transects
Norman Reef4 transects
North East Rounding North Horn, Osprey Reef1 transects
North East Tip, Osprey Reef1 transects
North East Toward North Tip, Day Reef1 transects
North East, Osprey Reef2 transects
North Horn, Osprey Reef1 transects
North Tip, Day Reef1 transects
North West Tip, Osprey Reef1 transects
North West. Osprey Reef1 transects
Northern Bottom End, Opal Reef1 transects
Northern End Of Eastern, Holmes Reef3 transects
Northern Flank Expose To Inside, Agincourt Reef 2a1 transects
Northern Tip West, Holmes Reef1 transects
Northern Tip, Opal Reef1 transects
Northern Top End, Opal Reef1 transects
Off Main Boat, Osprey Reef1 transects
One Tree Island1 transects
Opal Reef2 transects
Reef 130404 transects
Reef 130743 transects
Reef 140343 transects
Ribbon 10 / Cod Hole4 transects
Ribbon Reef 31 transects
Ribbon Reef 54 transects
Ribbon Reef 96 transects
Ribbon Reef No.9 North7 transects
Rounding Northern Flank From Sheltered To Exposed Side, Opal Reef1 transects
Rounding Southern Flank To Sheltered Edge, Agincourt Reef 2a1 transects
Saunders Reef6 transects
South East Edge, Osprey Reef2 transects
South West Reef, Flinders Reef1 transects
Southern Flank, Great Detached Reef2 transects
Southern Tip Of Western Cay, Opal Reef1 transects
Southern Tip Rounding To Exposed Side, Opal Reef1 transects
St Crispins Reef6 transects
T12011, Osprey Reef1 transects
T12012, Osprey Reef1 transects
T12013, Osprey Reef1 transects
T12014, Osprey Reef1 transects
T12018, Osprey Reef1 transects
T12022, Osprey Reef1 transects
T12024, Osprey Reef1 transects
Tijou Reef9 transects
Tittie Twisters, Great Detached Reef1 transects
Toe Reef, Flinders Reef1 transects
Tydemann Reef3 transects
Western Flanks Middle Front, Holmes Reef1 transects
Western North, Osprey Reef4 transects
Western, Holmes Reef1 transects
Wilson Island Reef2 transects
Wilson Reef4 transects
Wishbone Reef3 transects
Yonge Reef7 transects
Holmes Reef1 transects
Osprey Reef3 transects
Dog Island3 transects
Prickly Pears Cay1 transects
Sandy Island1 transects
Scrub Island2 transects
Seal Island2 transects
Shoal Bay2 transects
South Coast3 transects
Windward Point1 transects
Aruba Reefs6 transects
Rocky Beach1 transects
Abaco2 transects
Andros2 transects
Berry Cay2 transects
Conception Island3 transects
Exuma6 transects
Grand Bahama4 transects
Mayaguana3 transects
New Providence3 transects
San Salvador3 transects
Walkers Cay2 transects
Carrie Bow1 transects
Caye Caulker1 transects
Caye Chapel1 transects
Glover's Reef6 transects
Goff's Caye1 transects
Lighthouse Reef3 transects
Ranguana Caye1 transects
Rendezvous Reef1 transects
San Pedro1 transects
Sapodilla Cayes1 transects
Tobacco Caye1 transects
Turneffe Reef3 transects
Cross Caye1 transects
South Gallows Reef1 transects
East Bermuda3 transects
North Bermuda3 transects
Southeast Bermuda1 transects
Southwest Bermuda3 transects
West Bermuda2 transects
Alice In Wonderland Punt Vierkant, Bonaire1 transects
Baby Beach, Bonaire1 transects
Barkadera Small Wall, Bonaire1 transects
Bonaire Reefs7 transects
Bopec West Carel's Vision, Bonaire1 transects
Calabas Reef 18th Palm, Bonaire1 transects
Karpata Tolo, Bonaire1 transects
Klein Bonaire5 transects
Lac Bay North1 transects
Pink Beach Salt Pier, Bonaire1 transects
Red Slave, Bonaire1 transects
White Slave Vista Blue, Bonaire1 transects
Windsock Bachelor's, Bonaire1 transects
St. Eustatius3 transects
Best Reef, Curacao1 transects
Black Rock, Curacao1 transects
Blue Bay West1 transects
Blue Bay, Carmabi, Curacao1 transects
Bullenbaai West, Curacao1 transects
Klein Curacao2 transects
North West 2, Curacao1 transects
Oostpunt, Curacao1 transects
Piscaderabaai, Curacao Reefs1 transects
Playa Kalki, Curacao1 transects
Saint Michel, Curacao1 transects
Sea Aquarium1 transects
Seldom Reef, Curacao Reef1 transects
Curacao Reefs8 transects
Anse Deshaies1 transects
Grand Cul De Sac Marin Parc3 transects
Ilet Des Saints3 transects
Jack Cousteau Parc2 transects
Marie Galante3 transects
Goyave1 transects
Petit Bourg1 transects
Chinchorro5 transects
Cozumel5 transects
Isla Mujeres2 transects
Mahahual1 transects
Pta Angel1 transects
Pta-Allen1 transects
Puerto Morelos2 transects
San Antonio1 transects
Siahn-Kahan1 transects
Tulum2 transects
Puerto Aventura1 transects
Xpu-Ha1 transects
Saint Martin
La Reserve Naturelle De Saint-Martin2 transects
Man Of War Shoal Marine Park2 transects
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Baliceaux1 transects
Battowia1 transects
Bequia3 transects
Canouan3 transects
Mayreau3 transects
Mustique3 transects
Palm Island1 transects
Petit Nevis1 transects
Petit St. Vincent1 transects
St. Vincent3 transects
Tobago Cays4 transects
Union Island1 transects
Turks and Caicos Islands
North Caicos2 transects
Northwest Point3 transects
Pine Cay1 transects
Providenciales4 transects
South Caicos3 transects
West Caicos3 transects
United States
Benwood Wreck1 transects
Cheeca Rocks4 transects
Conch Reef1 transects
Coral Nursery1 transects
Crocker Reef1 transects
Davis Reef1 transects
Eagle Wreck1 transects
French Reef2 transects
Molasses Reef2 transects
Snapper Ledge1 transects
East Timor
Baucau3 transects
Com3 transects
Dili JC Backside1 transects
Dili JC Frontside1 transects
East Oecussi3 transects
Jaco Island3 transects
Manututo5 transects
South Atauro3 transects
West Oecussi3 transects
North Atauro2 transects
Bangka Island6 transects
Bunaken Island Bunaken National Park4 transects
Cemara Islands3 transects
Central Karimunjawa Park4 transects
Karimunjawa Island9 transects
Lembeh Island3 transects
Lembeh Straits3 transects
Mahangetang Island4 transects
Manadotua Island Bunaken National Park4 transects
Northern Bunaken National Park3 transects
Northern Mainland Manado3 transects
Northwest Karimunjawa3 transects
Sangihe Island6 transects
Siau Island3 transects
Tailise Island3 transects
Tangulangdang Islands3 transects
Wawontulap Zone Bunaken National Park3 transects
Western Mainland Manado3 transects
Batu Bolong0 transects
Amos Rock (North Atoll), Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
Jessie Beazley 2, Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
Northeast Reef, Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
Shark Airport, Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
South West Wall 1 (South Atoll), Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
South West Wall 3 (South Atoll), Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
TMO2A2B, Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
TMO4A4B, Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
TMO7A7B, Tubbataha Natural Marine Park1 transects
Tubbataha Natural Marine Park6 transects
Three Rock1 transects
Dongji West1 transects
Hong Chai1 transects
Mushroom Coral1 transects
British Indian Ocean Territory
Blenheim Reef2 transects
Danger Island2 transects
Eagle Island1 transects
Egmont2 transects
Ile Anglaise2 transects
Ile De La Passe2 transects
Ile De Passe1 transects
Ile Du Coin1 transects
Ile Fouquet1 transects
Ile Poule2 transects
Middle Brother1 transects
Moresby Island2 transects
Nelson Island3 transects
Petit Ile Coquillage2 transects
Speakers Bank3 transects
Ile Vache Marine1 transects
Kristen's Reef1 transects
Coral Gardens Maldives1 transects
Dhangethi1 transects
Dhiggaru Falhu1 transects
Dinoluga1 transects
Fenfushi1 transects
Fesdhoo1 transects
Hulhumale1 transects
Huluveli1 transects
Kandholhudhoo1 transects
Kudahuvadhoo1 transects
Maamigili2 transects
Mathiveri1 transects
Rasfari1 transects
Reethirah1 transects
Thimarafushi1 transects
Velidhoo1 transects
Anbarra1 transects
Bandos1 transects
Emboodhoofinolhu1 transects
Fulidoo1 transects
Kuda Faarvuri Falhu1 transects
Kudahini1 transects
Kuralu1 transects
Kureli1 transects
Madhiggaru Falhu1 transects
Mafushi1 transects
Medufaru1 transects
Muli1 transects
Olhugiri1 transects
Rakeedoo1 transects
Ranali1 transects
Tholhimaraahuraa1 transects
Udhafushi1 transects
Vattaru1 transects
Vilifushi1 transects

Coming soon...

Solomon Islands
Arnavon Islands4 transects
Gizo Island4 transects
Malakobi Island4 transects
Marovo Lagoon6 transects
Munda2 transects
United States
Cathedrals, Lanai Island2 transects
Kahului Point, Maui Island2 transects
Lanai Island11 transects
Ma'alea West, Maui Island1 transects
South West, Lanai Island1 transects
Hawaii Island11 transects
Honolua Bay, Maui Island1 transects
Maui Island21 transects
Molokai Island13 transects
Ohau Island3 transects


Seaview rapid response

A lightweight survey operation was developed by the team behind the XL Catlin Seaview Survey to respond to Coral Bleaching events. This camera system is still in use today.