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Molokai Island
United States

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24 Aug 2015 11:33 to 12:11
Duration: 38 mins
Length: n/a
Dive Depth: n/a
Visibility: n/a
Temperature: 28°C
Dive Team:
Team: 5
Peter Dalton, Anjani Ganase
Large extension of flat limestone covered in sand with patches of Hallimeda growing on top. Small coral ridges rare at the beginning of the transect and more frequent towards the end. Very scattered colonies of Pocillopora growing on the limestone rocks in between the ridges. Relatively common mortality on these colonies. Bleaching was also observed on Pocillopora. Favia-like colonies common on the patch reefs. Coral cover on patch reefs was scattered but diverse. Very abundant Diadema urchins. Macroalgae and cyanobacteria was abundant.
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