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  • Depth: n/a
  • Temperature: n/a
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  • Speed: n/a
  • Time: n/a
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Molokai Island
United States

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24 Aug 2015 13:20 to 13:46
Duration: 26 mins
Length: n/a
Dive Depth: n/a
Visibility: n/a
Temperature: 28°C
Dive Team:
Team: 6
Manuel Gonzalez, Ana Herrera
Flat terrace of reef structure with very poor coral devlopment and structural complexity. Pocillopora was the most common coral, althought patches of encrusting Montipora appeared towards the end of the transect, when the visbility was very poor. Large abount of sedimentation and obvious recent coral mortality of Pocillopora species. This transect was right in front of the mouth of a creek and the survey happened after long hours of rain. Hence the visibility was less than 1.5 meters at the end of the dive. THis is the reason why we had to cut the dive short for this transect.
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